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My name is Doug Estok

Welcome to Pittsburgh Performance Photography, specializing in photographing theatre, dance, concerts, recitals, and sporting events. I am also available for branding and headshots.  


Why I Love Photography
I have a passion for people, and I love helping people create memories. I truly enjoy capturing the raw emotional moments of a performance or game and I believe everyone deserves to see, and have a keepsake of the hard work they put into it.  It is hard to capture the true energy and excitement of such an event with staged photographs.


How I Got Started
As a child, I loved looking at family photos and hearing all the stories about my family. I began my journey with photography as a hobbyist, and over the years I dabbled in various aspects of photography, gaining experience and perfecting my craft as I went.

As our family grew so did my passion, whether it was newborn pictures, birthday parties, family picnics, dance, soccer, and baseball…  As they got older, our kids became more involved in musical theatre and dance. That is when I fell in love with what I call “Performance Photography.” The lighting, sets, costumes, the ambience, I love to try to capture the director’s vision, as well as the artistic essence of the show. 


Serving The Community
Every year I am honored to donate my time to serve the community.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many non-profit organizations including Big Brother Big Sisters Laurel Region, Greensburg Civic Theatre, Geyer Performing Arts Center and Stage Right! School for Performing Arts.  I have volunteered hundreds of hours over the years not only helping these organizations capture memories of their events but also providing them with valuable tools they can utilize to market their shows and the good work that they do.  This has also allowed me to gain vast experience in shooting a wide variety of theatrical productions and special events. 


I intend to continue to serve the community through my business by partnering with local organizations to give what I can to help them lift-up our community.  I am proud of and inspired by the good work going on throughout our region and would love to connect with your organization to discuss ways we can make a difference together.


The Client Comes First
My goal as a photographer is to always find a way to deliver the best images possible, as well as striving to give everyone the experience they deserve. I find that some people forget that, as photographers, we provide a service, so I always do what I can to adapt and make my clients as comfortable as possible. Remember, this is your day, not mine.

To my current clients, I can’t wait to speak with you again, and to my new potential clients, please get in contact with me by clicking the button below. Let’s take the first step towards capturing amazing moments!

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